Tips from the guide

As you will be walking in a completely natural environment, it’s important to be aware of your health.

Weather conditions in the Bay can change rapidly.


As a precautionary measure

– Rainwear and warm clothes
– Something to cover your head
– Food & Drinks to keep you hydrated
– Snacks and appetite suppressants
– Ventolin for asthmatics
– Sunscreen
– A towel
– A change of clothes for when you get back to the car


The ideal outfit

– Barefoot or neoprene slippers (aqua shoes)
– Shorts or leggings
– Your upper body well covered (to adapt to the weather conditions)
– Cap or hat
– Sunglasses

For the group’s safety, please respect the departure times indicated in the guide.
Delays will not be accepted due to tide schedules.
Please inform the guide in case of a problem.



If Météo-France announces an orange caution (thunderstorms), fog or reduced visibility to less than 500m, all outings are canceled, postponed, or refunded.


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